A church is a group of people who are, in a word, together. We’re together with God because of his kindness and commitment to humanity; together as a family learning to embody this kindness and commitment one to another and beyond into the wider world. All this is only possible because of Jesus, the one who brings us together and keeps us together.

St Luke Simpson is a community of Christians who gather and serve in Lake Charles, La and the surrounding neighbourhoods. We meet each Sunday, connect during the week in small groups, and serve in the community all over.

We are guided by seven central values. They reflect both who we are and who we hope to be.


St Luke Simpson follows a basic pattern of worship which is shared in common with most of Christendom. That can be difficult to believe, because the ways in which we carry out this basic pattern of worship can feel very different in different churches at different times. And yet it is true: the basic pattern of worship followed by United Methodists is the basic pattern of worship embraced by Lutherans and Presbyterians and others, and it is close kin to the pattern of worship used by Roman Catholics and Episcopalians.


To make disciples of Jesus Christ for the transformation of the world.


Our commitment to a common faith draws us together as a church family. We value our experiences of community and mutual support. Our choirs, women’s circles, study classes, children’s programs, leadership teams, committees and mission trips are some of the large and small groups in our church which nurture community.


We believe that all of us are on a journey.  All of us have opportunities to grow in our faith and understanding throughout life.  Careful reflection upon scripture, tradition, experience, and reason help us in this growth.  At the most basic level, we believe that a vital Christian faith consists of loving God and loving our neighbor.